Preis der freien Szene Wiens

Co-development of the criteria for the prize award financed by the City of Vienna for art and culture projects autonomously produced in Vienna and in international exchange, initiated by IG Kultur Wien

model development working group innovationspreis:
thomas jelinek / alexandra reill stephan teichgräber and other igkw board members
production interessengemeinschaft kultur wien | vienna 2003

Since 2004 Interessengemeinschaft Kultur Wien has been awarding the Preis der freien Szene Wiens, which it was able to initiate in 2003 under the title Innovationspreis der freien Szene Wiens.

Two prize categories were developed:

Outstanding time-related, innovative and cross-divisional projects in the city of Vienna
The award is intended to honor […] the diverse cultural scene in Vienna and the multitude of different art projects and to present a selection of interesting projects to a broader public.

Contemporary, experimental, interdisciplinary or socio-cultural projects, projects that break new ground in communication with the public or implement innovative concepts in public discourse are invited to find a forum of attention here.

International Exchange: Cooperation and network projects in the cultural exchange of Central Europe
With the second prize, IG Kultur Wien wants to recognize innovative and outstanding exchange, network and cooperation projects of the [so-called] free scene [of cultural production] in Vienna and in the Eastern and Central European area and thereby give this scene in Vienna an impulse to network internationally with partner organizations and artists. (*)

Text: NN / IG Kultur Wien: Call for participation [excerpt], 2003. Translation to English: Alexandra Reill, 2020