Kunst im Trend? Artists’ Voices. Study

Evaluation of the results of the international survey Art Following the Trend? Artists’ Voices. on self-understanding and -definitions of artists | cultural workers looking at individual roles and functions in society as well as on individual earning capacities; and a research on contemporary developments of Creative Industries culture policies on EC- and national levels

idea / concept| survey / evaluation design
interviewing | analysis | evaluation | editing
alexandra reill

coordination | public relations alexandra reill
production kanonmedia | vienna 2007 / 2008

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The study is available in German language.

Based on a survey and interviews conducted at international level, individual positions of artists regarding the character of their art production and their aims in their art production as well as their budgetary models for financing work and life (statistical questions on data on income included) were collected, analyzed and evaluated through qualitative and quantitative methods of research.

The results generated from analyzing the answers to the questionnaire of the survey module form the major chapter of the study Art Following the Trend? Artists’ Voices. Furthermore, interviews were conducted, following the structure of the questionnaire. The artists’ statements served as comparative findings and contributed to the qualitative analysis of answers given. Further chapters discuss the EC Lissabon Guideline on Creative Industries in relation to research results out of the field of Cultural Studies.

The questionnaire was published internationally with the aim of generating international statistical data through the participation of min. 100 persons. The interviews were performed regularly from 2006 to 2008 with international artists in conversation with Alexandra Reill focussing on their motivation to produce art, the targets of their art and their self-defintion of their roles and positions in contemporary societies, with a special focus on their financing models for the art production as well as their ways of life.

Kunst im Trend? Artists’ Voices. collection entries

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