Artists’ Talks

Publication featuring interviews with artists on their individual understanding of their roles and positions and their approaches to art production in contemporary societies in form of a text collage

featured artists
nicole baier, film- / video- / media artist, a
sarawut chutiwongpeti, mixed media / video installations, t
genco gülan, mixed media / istanbul / tr
anita hafner, visual artist, a
jeremy hight, concept art / text / music, us
salvatore iaconesi, artistically inclined being / process art / media artist, i
mandana alavi kia, dancer / performer / singer / painter, ir / a
brigitte neufeldt, media artist, d
alexander stanzel, fine artist / photography, a
myriam thyes, media artist, d

idea / concept | interviewing | text | editing alexandra reill
production | publishing kanonmedia | vienna 2007

The interviews were conducted in the form of email correspondence. The publication was produced as a digital print-on-demand edition and at the time being is not available any more.