My Center of the World

Co-publishing of the brochure on the EU-project building international artists’ networks

Kilian Franer, Ulli Fuchs [Hg.], Erinnern für die Zukunft. Text contribution

Text contribution: Alexandra Reill, Heinz Moldau, Nelkengasse, 2009

Kunst im Trend? Artists’ Voices. Study

Evaluation of the results of the international survey Art Following the Trend? Artists’ Voices. on self-understanding and -definitions of artists | cultural workers looking at individual roles and functions in society as well as on individual earning capacities; and a research on contemporary developments of Creative Industries culture policies on EC- and national levels

Artists’ Talks

Publication featuring interviews with artists on their individual understanding of their roles and positions and their approaches to art production in contemporary societies in form of a text collage

SAVE / SAFE. Publication

Dramaturgical case study on post-human tendencies and borderlining as a contemporary phenomenon …