Contributions to the bot attracting node network #biennaleNO

Kind of discursive performance in the framework of the noemata non-curated initiative and virtual online exhibition format #biennaleNO featuring non-realized art in the context of the theme ‘the unbearable lightness of the internet’. [J]ust make sure your work doesn’t exist. (*) Go for #biennaleNO. Give it a spread.

The Archive of Imagined Projects

The publication sees itself both as an individually, artistically processed archive of imagined / unpublished works and an innovative handbook for artists and cultural workers structuring and financing their projects.

protocol of progressing – stopped – progressing – stopped – on an interim basis ongoing – construction

Photo series following the advancing – stopped – advancing – stopped – on an interim basis ongoing progress of the renovation and [re-]building of a physical structure – for sure to be finished

Upcoming: Exhibition: Die Schule der Folgenlosigkeit. Übungen für ein anderes Leben. Completion of a Submission Form

Answers to the application form for the Scholarship for Doing Nothing tendered in the context of the HFBK research project and forming part of its exhibition Die Schule der Folgenlosigkeit. Übungen für ein anderes Leben at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg [06/11/2020 – 09/05/2021]


Art collection | object installation

daily traffic_fragments of voice_singing noise

Series of 90 partially just a second-long [looping] field recordings | interactive spatial sound installation concept

Covid-19. Documentation of a collective communication process

The shutdown in March 2020 had and does have a partially massive impact on the social and psychological-emotional state of mind of many people; it also could and still can be seen in the context of the communication methods taking place on facebook …

Living Room EN

Programming of a line of evenings – three hours each – for Living Room 2020