Treatment for an interactive feature film plot

co-authors gabriele pober / alexandra reill
developed for an open call issued by dicke helden film gmbh
production kanonmedia | vienna 2001

OMPO, a little Martian held as a captive on earth by the scientist Dr. HUMBUG, is sent into space to destroy the last loose cannon from the Stone Age of the solar system, EXTI.
As a reward, Dr. HUMBUG offers clear improvement for OMPO’s life situation on earth, as currently, OMPO lives in Dr. HUMBUG’s bathroom and must never leave it.
OMPO, who no longer remembers his past life on Mars due to the crash of his spaceship, but does remember the captivity in the NASY laboratory from where Dr. HUMBUG stole OMPO in order to be able to observe him better at home, does not really know whether Dr. HUMBUG’s offer is worthwhile, but finally the scientist can persuade him to travel to the orbit Etono.
There he actually meets EXTI, the armadillo.
The encounter is hostile and dramatic, and OMPO needs to react well and in a timely manner to deal with the danger and EXTI’s attack.

Depending on the option of the user [*], the story ends differently – OMPO will be happy or not. The development of the plot, though, should have influenced the user in such a way that he wishes OMPO all the best, but without the user’s presence of mind, the story will not have a happy ending for OMPO.

Translation into english alexandra reill, 2020

Note 2022: Using “historical-classical” formulations, all contemporary recognized and used formulations in their diversity are included in the sense of gender mainstreaming and diversity management.