No to Any Form of Fascism

Photo series | Installation / discursive performance in public space

photos [2560 x 1920 px] alexandra reill
installation / performance
post card-like objects, marker pen, garden table, 4 chairs
accompanied by moderation of talks alexandra reill
production kanonmedia | vienna 2009

The photo series consists of five close ups of Alexandra Reill’s installation in public space reflecting NS-past in Austria and trying to create the opportunity to unveil myths of denial that are potentially undetected and classified as “normal” – by reflecting the myths, the past and what has been passed down to grandchildren in the sujets.

For the installation, card sujets from the series WOULD WE SAY NO ? I were marked with black crosses as a sign for resistance against false beliefs. In the framework of Südwind Festival, they were laid out on a garden table surrounded by four chairs; people were invited to take cards with them or to have a seat. On this occasion, Alexandra Reill went into talks with the visitors of the festival to discuss contemporary myths of denial regarding NS-past in Austria.

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no to any form of fascism installed at

— südwind festival / altes akh / vie / a / 09