#WB: quoting Walter Benjamin: Paris, die Hauptstadt des XIX. Jahrhunderts. Pecha Kucha Lecture

Media lecture on the collective-participative / analog-digital structures of the performance on Walter Benjamin‘s life and work as an examination of the contemporary relevance of his world of ideas in the context of the IX. eopictureNight10 + 5

january 31, 201106:30 pm
61, schönbrunner straße, 1050 vienna

lecturing alexandra reill
production kanonmedia | eopictureNight10+5 | vienna 2011

eopictureNight10 + 5 is a communication format that, under the programming and curation of Helga Köcher in the period 2008-2018, gave art projects a few minutes time to present them to an audience by the use of a sound-equipped beamer media and then in talks with the audience of the night, who – to a large extent – were themselves artists and cultural workers. So one could get feedback and learn from suggestions and other perspectives on the own project.

The lecturer presents 10 pictures and speaks 20 seconds to each picture. Then she / he asks 5 questions to the audience.

Both the images and the questions are projected. After the presentation, the individual projects were discussed in detail in spontaneously gathering groups at various tables.

Topic of the lecture
#WB: quoting Walter Benjamin is an interactive production that was co-produced by kanonmedia and the Jewish Theater Austria in 2010[ / 2011]. On an equal communication basis with the analogically / digitally acting moderators and documenters Mustapha Alic, Karin Gruber, Agnes Peschta, Alexandra Reill, Joe Remick, Warren Rosenzweig, Lisa Sperber, starsky, Klaus Tauber and Charlotte Zott aka Sari, the guests reflected the development of opportunities of democracy in the context of an information age, globalization, Marxism, capitalism, economic crises and corporate social responsibilities, thus creating Walter Benjamin‘s Angelus Novus – the moment in which past, present and future coincide – in the framework of a reality TV format. […].

– Can future be created without knowing the past?
– Can contemporary art reflect on the past without acting historically?
– Can documentation be artistic?
– Can art create the present?
– Can art act politically?

text helga köcher, 2011 | translation into english alexandra reill, 2020

#WB: quoting Walter Benjamin: Paris, die Hauptstadt des XIX. Jahrhunderts invited by

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