SP19-22-Self-mirroring in front of wood, stone and marble


Photo series of self-mirroring in front of parts of dark wood, round wall column and marble paneling

alexandra reill, SP19-22-Be-mirroring in front of wood, stone and marble.

photo edit series, 2021 / 2022
40 digital photo prints
17,07 x 12,80 cm [4c / 1c, 600 dpi]
digital print on smooth-coated white paper, framed behind glass in rounded, glossy black lacquered wooden frames of about two cm width [*]

production kanonmedia 2021 / 2022

The photographs are taken in 2021, as part of a series of self-portraits covering the period between fall 2019 and […]; in the form of a continuous, chronological self-documentation. As part of this work, all images included in the project undergo the same kind of image processing.

The images included in the present series crystallized as an independent series of photographs, the subject of which is the self-mirroring of the artist in front of cuts of dark wood, a round wall column and a marble wall paneling; and in an atmosphere that spontaneously appealed to Alexandra Reill.

It remains to be assumed that there was a motivation to take the photos as a result of stimulation by materials that, on the one hand, take on a lifelong meaning in the subcutaneous experience of the artist’s biography, or, as the title of the photo series also shows, reflect the current emotional state at that time in an allegorical way, by the given constellation of materials.

Mounting options
As an analog wall installation, the photo series is hung in five horizontal rows, following the chronological order of the image titles from top left to bottom right; in the form of 4c / 1c digital prints on white, smooth-coated paper, framed behind glass in curved, glossy black lacquered wooden frames about two cm wide.

[*] Also conceivable is a photo montage of the 40 images in five rows, with distances of the individual images of about 0.7 cm to each other, and the digital print on a single sheet of white, smooth-coated paper, framed as described above.