Error Reading From The Clipboard I / II

Machine-produced error results of data import and export

Error Reading From The Clipboard II

series of 13 images
3508 x 2479 px px [1c, 300 dpi] digital
29,70 x 20,99 cm [1c, 300 dpi] digital print on glossy paper
images alexandra reill [ed.] 2018
production kanonmedia | vienna 2018

Machine-generated error when importing data into a .xlsx document, with the result of the specific arrangement of only hashes

Error Reading From The Clipboard I

digital image in iPad | 826 x 1169 px / 100 dpi
image alexandra reill [ed.] 2015
production kanonmedia | vienna 2015

Machine-produced error result of the digital export of text: Robert Strachan, Micro-independent record labels in the UK. Discourse, DIY cultural production and the music industry, in: European Journal of Cultural Studies 10 (2), 2010, p. 250-251