SP19-22-skin flats

Series of 60 photo montages developing out of a series of static self-portraits; with the option to lead to a looping stop trick video installation consisting of static close ups, taken at random in chronological order and depicting the artist’s skin from an abstracting perspective …

alexandra reill

series of photo montages, 2021 / 2022
60 photo montages
4032 x 9072 px [1c, 72 dpi] digital
34,14 cm x 76,81 [1c, 300 dpi] photo print, glossy on alu-dibond
and / or
looping stop trick video installation, 4K [3840 x 2160 px], 16:09, b/w, single loop duration 00:00:85:00 [2022-; in progress]

production kanonmedia 2021 / 2022-

The photographs were taken in 2021, in the course of a photographic project dedicated to the effects of circumstances caused by Covid-19 on the artist in the period between fall 2019 and spring 2022, in the form of continuous, chronological self-documentation. As part of this work, all of the self-portraits included in the project were subjected to the same series of image edits.

The images included in SP19-22-skin flats crystallized as a distinct series of photographs, whose visual language is characterized by geometric, abstract, and simultaneously textured fields. Through the montage as triples, which again follows a random arrangement of the fields, the two-dimensionality of the textured images of skin is intensified. Thus, SP19-22-skin flats forms a quasi self-originated rhythmic line of self-observing perspective – a testimony of time 2021 created by subconscious image writing.

Mounting options
In real space, the 60 triples can be shown digitally, following the chronology of the creation of the images from left to right, in the form of black mobile phones hung horizontally or vertically in a row. If financially feasible, the photo series will be hung in the form of 4c prints on alu-dibond.

Ideally, the looping video is installed parallely to the presentation of the photo series; on a TV monitor, minimally of the image size and resolution of the video.