Concept for a workshop on photography and graphic design in public space on coping with NS-past in Austria today and the enhancement of intercultural communication competences for teens; developed on occasion of the installation of REAL ONES ALWAYS SURVIVE or WOULD WE SAY NO? V at Genochmarkt in the neighborhood of Hirschstetten in 1220 Vienna

idea | concept | work lab programming  alexandra reill
production kanonmedia | vienna 2009

The conceptual artist Alexandra Reill together with youth workers and other communication experts act as a coaching team in the framework of a workshop on graphic design and photography. As an introduction, the card series WOULD WE SAY NO ? II is used as a starting point for discussion on options of reflecting approaches to NS-“Vergangenheitsbew√§ltigung” in Austria and for finding out familiarities of historic and contemporary antisemitism and xenophobia.

Equipped with the background of discussion and discussion findings, the participating teens collect imagery and text citations on the theme from media platforms in the internet and design their own [post-]cards using the materials collected.

The print products form a series of [post-]cards developed by the participants of the workshop which is installed by the teens on public billboards and house facades in the framework of a series of public events where the participating teens exhibit their works and have the chance to enter discussion on the theme with visitors and passers-by, on a fully autonomous basis.