Innovationspreis der freien Kulturszene Wiens 2005. Image Trailer

Development of the image trailer for the stage event awarding the prize for contemporary autonomous art and culture projects 2005, initiated by IG Kultur Wien

DV PAL | 16:9

concept | visual imagery development | editing alexandra reill
real-time soundtracking performance arthur denisson

production interessengemeinschaft kultur wien | vienna 2005

With the call for the Innovationspreis, Interessengemeinschaft Kultur Wien would like to honor projects that take up current topics with contemporary means and make the developmental and impulsive power of the independent cultural scene in Vienna and in the area of its international networking visible. The Innovationspreis sees itself as an award for projects that are […] forward-looking in the broadest sense, that is, have the ability to engage in the context of international socio-political change processes. (*)

Awarding stage event at

— top kino / vie / a / 05

Text: NN / IG Kultur Wien: Call for participation [excerpt], 2005. Translation: Alexandra Reill, 2020