white chairs. stop-motion-lab

Performance in the framework of netznetz – Festival der Netzkultur in Künstlerhaus Wien 15–17/10/2004

K.I.O. Lab

Drawing / painting / photo / video / VJing / DJing / cooking workshop series leading to a real time media performance fest in the framework of the festival Soho in Ottakring

Deserts & Backbones. real-time remix

Alexandra Reill’s film DESERTS & BACKBONES is a documentary researching the question whether there is a will beyond human will, beyond rational will … For the program < PARTLY TRUTH > < PARTLY FICTION > organized by Medienwerkstatt Wien on occasion of their 25 years of existence, kanonmedia invited Markus Kienzl to perform a real-time remix with sequences out of the documentary.