Living Room EN

Programming of a line of evenings – three hours each – for Living Room 2020

house of bandits academy, logo 2020

HOB Academy – Funding for Art and Cultural Projects

Work lab with Alexandra Reill at the HOB Academy: funding for creative independents from the extended field of the arts

Founding and Running a NPO in Arts and Culture

Giving you a profound overview of the legal setting of the entity NGO containing specific facilitations that are important for the cultural sector, the Work Lab offers two intensive days full of know-how to run a non-profit organization in order to successfully implement art and cultural projects …

Funding and Private Finance Opportunities for Art and Cultural Projects

The workshop provides a profound overview of subsidy and funding opportunities for arts and cultural projects at the Austrian municipal, state, federal and EU levels, as well as in the transdisciplinary field of creative industries, and will help in the design, financing, implementation and billing of projects at public funding agencies and sponsors …

Data Journalism

Participation in the panel discussion on the topic organized by Depot

bilcom: Development of further and training programme

For the educational institute bilcom, a trainer course of studies and a further training programme of courses based on modules specifically designed for private and business customers, respectively, was developed; including a time schedule for 2014 / 2015 and the activation of a pool of expert trainers from the respective field of profession.

a trilogy of interactive real-time performances

Media lecture on dramaturgical approaches to interactive and participative real-time media performances

Community Independent of Cultural Policy

Workshop on the properties of decentralized social media platforms to strengthen culturally independent communities

#WB: quoting Walter Benjamin: Paris, die Hauptstadt des XIX. Jahrhunderts. Pecha Kucha Lecture

Media lecture on the collective-participative / analog-digital structures of the performance on Walter Benjamin’s life and work as an examination of the contemporary relevance of his world of ideas in the context of the IX. eopictureNight10 + 5


Participative exhibition project developed on the basis of media workshops on training competences in intercultural communication in two grammar schools

Workshop – WOULD WE SAY NO ? I

Workshop on intercultural communication competences for multipliers implemented in cooperation with Herklotzgasse 21

Art Following the Trend? Artists‘ Voices. On Art In Social Space. Panel

Against the background of an expansion of the concept of art, new fields of work emerged that focus on the operational use of artistic skills […] (1)

Art Following the Trend? Artists’ Voices. Presentation and Discussion of the Results of the Study 2007/2008.

Together with the referees out of culture politics and culture theory the results of the study are discussed regarding their relevance to contemporary strategies in the field of Creative Industries.

Art Following the Trend? Panel on artistic processes in the performing and visual arts

Representatives from painting, philosophy, theater and science examine the characteristics and immanences of artistic processes in the performing and visual arts.

THARA: teens engaging in media production, photo: susanne meitz, 2005


In Romani language there is no real word for future but one for a tomorrow: THARA – a media lab fostering contemporary self-empowerment of Roma and Sinti teens … [2004 – 2006]

white chairs. stop-motion-lab

Performance in the framework of netznetz – Festival der Netzkultur in Künstlerhaus Wien 15 – 17/10/2004

Media As Political Spaces

Contributions to the panel discussion on possibilities and relevance of decentralized media as part of the living room – Soho in Ottakring: discussion space on the topic of alliance building

video / still by alexandra reill; kids of yppenplatz, 2004

K.I.O. Lab

Drawing / painting / photo / video / VJing / DJing / cooking workshop series leading to a real time media performance fest in the framework of the festival Soho in Ottakring

free media – unfree media

What is meant by ‘free media’? What makes media free?

women and computer

Talk: Dieter Schrage and Alexandra Reill