airborne for 8 minutes DE

Ein Blick auf Lebensmomente, Sehnsüchte und Glücklichkeit

Experiental short film | DV PAL | 2004: 00:08:38:00 / 2010: 00:07:39:08

concept | visual editing | sound design alexandra reill
camera work alexandra reill | heather winter 
acting performance heather winter 
production kanonmedia | vienna 2004 / 2010

airborne for 8 minutes is a short experiental film which developed out of the shooting of the film Deserts & Backbones. It was shot as a cooperation of the Australian artist Heather Winter and Alexandra Reill, Heather Winter mostly performing.

Later on, the original material was treated by Alexandra Reill and the theme of reading life between the lines, with all its pleasures and suffering – an ever reappearing theme in the work of Alexandra Reill – emerged.

Heather Winter is a fine artist and photographer who has been working around the idea of landscape for a number of years. She lived with the Ngarinyin people of the Kimberley region of Western Australia for 15 months, an experience which had a profound influence on her ideas and her work. (1) Heather Winter’s work is informed by cross cultural encounters of disparate worlds from Ngarinyin Aboriginal landscapes to the bombed devastation of Belgrade and New York City (2001) and reflection of her Swiss father’s flight from Iran as a refugee in the 40s. (2)

Alexandra Reill is a concept and media artist; she often invests her work with sociocultural themes, examining the societal and sociological repercussions of digitalization and the information age for human identities. Her digital visual worlds and live compositions raise philosophical questions and are characterized by rhythmic dramaturgies and the conscious employment of abstract formal language.

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(2), 2008, access: 2010/01/30

AIRBORNE FOR 8 MINUTES screenings at

— alexandra reill solo exhibition | art & science / vie / a / 10


— esel.kulturkalender / vie / a / 10