The Rewirement Notebook

Notebook object on the basis of the implementation of mental training exercises and tracking results of the efforts to improve one‘s well-being

alexandra reill: page out of: the retirement notebook, 2021. paper object

notebook object
1c office prints on white paper | roller pen | carton cover, thread-binded
body 297 x 210 mm, 43 pages

programme modelling laurie santos
layout rewirement notebook nn / yale university
text | layout content alexandra reill

idea | concept training laurie santos
production training yale university | new haven | us – date of publication unknown
production notebook object kanonmedia | vienna 2021

For ten weeks, Alexandra Reill involved herself in the process of daily mental training exercises and self-evaluation methods to raise personal well-being by participating in the The Science of Well-Being Programme offered by Yale University [01/11/20 – 09/01/21]. The Rewirement Notebook contains the documentation of her daily exercises and the results of corresponding [self-]evaluation, now forming a paper object showing the artist’s uncensored notes as much as her critical attitude to certain approaches to mental training which are acknowledged by neuro-sciences and so-called positive psychology today.