edgar degas, quoted without further details by nava atlas, facebook posting, https://www.facebook.com/67621864858/photos/a.123590414858.124936.67621864858/10152879341794859/, 15-11-2014

Salon Volkertmarkt

Salon Volkertmarkt is a series of five open brainstorming sessions in public space based on performative artistic research and working with the method of cutting-up thoughts, ideas, notes, images, gestures, acts, films, sounds etc. to ask for statuses of contemporary art.

attempt of a disposition – netznetz 2004-2006

attempt of a disposition – netznetz 2004-2006 is an online installation based on a documentative disposition of email correspondence in chronological order and structured by subthemes of a long and complicated process to develop a public-private funding system to distribute means to media artists and cultural workers active in the media field.