Approximations EN

A research blog in form of a tag compilation of criteria reflecting contemporary relevances of artistic production in urban societies showing capitalistic conditioning …

Mimie Maggale: 101015, 2015.


A discursive / performative think tank series – the approach of an open artists’ collective to transpose a set of individual recording methods of cognitive processes into artistic realms

günter hentschel: warten auf arbeit, 2014. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic,

Umkreisungen. The Labs

A discursive-performative panel series reflecting in six weekly open labs the meta-questions What is contemporary art aiming for? What do contemporary artists strive for? Which relevances of artistic work prevail in contemporary societies?

edgar degas, quoted without further details by nava atlas, facebook posting,, 15-11-2014

Salon Volkertmarkt

Salon Volkertmarkt is a series of five open brainstorming sessions in public space based on performative artistic research and working with the method of cutting-up thoughts, ideas, notes, images, gestures, acts, films, sounds etc. to ask for statuses of contemporary art.

attempt of a disposition – netznetz 2004-2006

attempt of a disposition – netznetz 2004-2006 is an online installation based on a documentative disposition of email correspondence in chronological order and structured by subthemes of a long and complicated process to develop a public-private funding system to distribute means to media artists and cultural workers active in the media field.