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We are the World

Ein experimenteller Kurzfilm / Image Trailer
entwickelt als Found Footage-Mix
als Teil von Einreichunterlagen
für eine Einreichung bei einem Kunstfestival

640 x 360 px 00:03:03:00

watch the video on vimeo

concept and editing
alexandra reill
korhan erel


istanbul / vienna 2011


We are the World
an experimental video / image trailer
developed in form of a found footage mix
as part of an art festival application

watch the video on vimeo

Korhan Erel
and Alexandra Reill have proven to be a strong experimental team of video producers and real time media performers.
Erel and Reill explore contemporary developments in intercultural communication in an era of globalization strongly influenced by the media.

Working with the fictitious approaches of TV and blockbuster film productions, Erel and Reill refer to their impact on transnational and transcultural developments of communication and cooperation in an era endangered to see global war. In their audiovisual interpretation, they start from the position that entertainment and a mass hype for consumerism goes hand in hand with a narcisissm of news media not being afraid of using the hunter’s role of the camera in places of political unrest. War and peace are deeply co-controlled by media production, so there is a crucial question: what kind of media production and media placing does it need to strengthen and promote peace-enhancing positions of intercultural communication, and which roles can individuals play in the creation of an emancipative world which is meant to be a joyful place for everybody while in reality it still isn’t.

We are the World
alexandra reill [ed.]: still frame out of

we are the world. 2011 We are the World
alexandra reill [ed.]: still frame out of
we are the world. 2011We are the World
alexandra reill [ed.]: still frame out of
we are the world. 2011

--- furtherfield / lon / uk / 11

archive press material 2011
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