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a series of 4 animated offline movies

produced by kanonmedia
vienna 2002

concept / visuals / production
alexandra reill

tcof20ofus.exes stands for the code of 2 of us and is a short / animated movie forming the visual content for an offline installation to be implemented as a digital indoor / outdoor projection.


originally produced

graphics by alexandra reil

graphics by alexandra reill

graphics by alexandra reill

graphics by alexandra reill

graphics by alexandra reill
for Almdudler as
a contemporary
re - interpretation
of the historical couple
being the core of the
Almdudler label,
tc0f20ofus developed
into a series of visuals
questioning the current
state of 'modern'
relations & relationships
within current social /
psychological contexts
strongly influenced
by industrial / corporate
approaches / conditioning
  with a major impact of
  new technologies on
  individual self - esteem /
  self - perception /
  self - positioning / thus
  questioning a new codex /
  a new code of conditioned
  consciousness characterizing
  all inter - personal relations.
  the attitude & positioning
  of the couple shown express
  attraction as much as
  scepticism / interest as much as questioning / sensual
  motivation as much  
  as intellectual borderlining /  
  thus visualizing only a few
  characteristics of current  
  the fragmentation of a single  
  photo / originally produced  
  by Terry Richardson for the  
  Vogue Paris series Vie privée /  
  published in 02 / 02 /  
  & the performance in  
  looping mode underline  
  such perception / intensify  
  the user's decoding of  
  each frame's content / of  
  facets of meaning.  

kanonmedia, non - profit org for new media, 12/24, richtergasse, 1070 vienna, t: ++43 - [0] - 6991 - 820 70 03