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S.P.I.N.Y. on CD-Rom:  
the overall experience
You navigate in the    
mainframe and use the buttons  
for administrative tasks only.  
There are buttons for  
a) starting a new run through,  
b) regulating the sound volume,  
c) reading the help file,  
d) quitting the game.  
A run through starts with a  
cover image showing the title  
of a shortcut. Within a run  
through, you can go from frame  
to frame by mouseclick.  
S.P.I.N.Y. has been developed
with the support of the
By repetition you will learn  
MEDIA Programme
that your best clicks are on  
of the European Union.
comments or on defined areas    
of the frame.  
press release in german as pdf
pressetext in deutsch als pdf
Each click is evaluated by the    
time score, but only one click    
leads you further through    
S.P.I.N.Y. installments at
--- frauenvernetzungstag / rema / a / 04
The time score evaluates your  
--- collective jukebox / f / 02
time management & the intuitive  
--- free manifesta / d / 02
quality of all your clicks /  
--- rhizome artbase / us / 02
decisions. If you watch the time  
--- brucknerhaus linz / a / 02
score during performance you will  
--- stein / 31st fushion fashion / a / 02
get little hints whether you are  
--- lux / a / 01
on your way to constructive  

solutions or whether you prefer  
S.P.I.N.Y. featured by
to engage in drama or even  
--- amsterdam.nettime / nl / 02
--- silverserver pipermail / a / 02
--- fashion network / a / 02
Sooner or later, so called beauty  
--- e-zine / f / au / 01
tests will stop you from going on  
--- maxima / a / 01
- psychological tests working  
--- / a / 01
in the same way as the psycho  
--- / a / 01
tests being found in fashion  
--- / a / 01
and women's magazines. Choose the  
--- / a / 01
answer you find adequate for  
--- monitor / a / 99
yourself & the development    
of the story.    
At the end of each run through    
- which always takes place through    
a wrong decision / except for the    
main run through - you receive an    
evaluation of all your intuitive    
decisions. S.P.I.N.Y. never wants    
to be moralistic - things are up    
to you - so keep an eye on what    
the evaluation tells you but never    
think of S.P.I.N.Y. as a product    
wanting to sell cooking recipies to you.    
On NEW you can always start a    
new run through.  
You do not need any skills to    
play the game. The navigation    
is exclusively mastered by using    
the mouse.    
Tipp: don't always stick to what you    
think the rules are. Stay flexible    
in every moment.    
kanonmedia, non - profit org for new media, 12/24, richtergasse, 1070 vienna, t: ++43 -[0]6991 - 820 70 03