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S.P.I.N.Y. press release in german as pdf
  pressetext in deutscher sprache als pdf
the overall experience
is an interactive feature game  
for adults on CD-Rom.  
A film script is the material used for The linear story of S.P.I.N.Y.

a text & photo story being narrated is contained once and in a
interactively on the basis of fragmented manner more than
comix & collage. S.P.I.N.Y. 20 times. These variations are
allows the user to surf arranged in an associative way,
through the story of Sandrella forming little new stories,
which describes the phases all having to do with the same
of personal development subject - relationship and

the main figure has to live personal development. Once,
through until she can find Sandrella never meets the lover
her way out of dependencies and stays happily married; then,
into freedom of decision. Sandrella is not married at all,
  but hanging out in night clubs
S.P.I.N.Y. has been developed
S.P.I.N.Y. is a role play. all night; in another shortcut,
with the support of the
It is an entertainment product, she is a workaholic, meets the
MEDIA Programme
an interactive collage which lover and goes on living a
of the European Union.
experiments with the options successful professional life  
& boundaries of interactivity but a mad love life.  
to provoke interactivity in  
S.P.I.N.Y. installments at
the user's personality. An intuitive navigation system
--- frauenvernetzungstag / rema / a / 04
  and the change of rhythms of
--- collective jukebox / f / 02
S.P.I.N.Y. problematizes interactivity are consciously
--- free manifesta / d / 02
the position & consciousness used as an editing tool being
--- rhizome artbase / us / 02
of women and their environment totally different from the ones
--- brucknerhaus linz / a / 02
in Western society today, which can be used for film and
--- stein / 31st fushion fashion / a / 02
after the changes emancipation video - one could call it vivid
--- lux / a / 01
lead to. The principles of editing, as the dynamics created

collage and fragmentation & represent a new way of
S.P.I.N.Y. featured by
the navigation structure performance as such. The user
--- logo22 search engine / d / 08
--- netartconnexion / int / 08
--- amsterdam.nettime / nl / 02
--- silverserver pipermail / a / 02
--- fashion network / a / 02
--- e-zine / f / au / 01
--- maxima / a / 01
--- / a / 01
--- / a / 01
--- / a / 01
--- / a / 01
--- monitor / a / 99
are used to reflect the theme can control most of the
itself: the fragmentation and tempi any time and use this
variety of female identities kind of editing according to his
today & the difficulties and own rhythm, tempo of perception
conflicts on the way of and creation of his own rhythm
finding the kind of life of pleasure.
one wants to live.  
  If the first and only outer task
S.P.I.N.Y. does not simply offer of the game is to find the
pre-manufactured interacitivity chronological way through the  
but provokes in the user a plot, then the first and only  
consciousness for free inner task of the game is to  
decisions. Activity instead develop one's own personality  
of passivity, communication, & perception.  
perception of one's needs &    
wishes instead of blind    
reaction towards standardized    
offers - this is the    
understanding of interactivity    
which S.P.I.N.Y. tries to evoke    
- in form of a sensual    
experience & an entertaining    
process aiming at the user's    
personal development.
kanonmedia, non - profit org for new media, 12/24, richtergasse, 1070 vienna, t: ++43 -[0]6991 - 820 70 03