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NewZoid by Daniel Young
about the artist

NewZoid continuously and automatically generates literary fiction in the form of false news headlines. The headlines resemble up-to-the minute news but are distinctly odd / amusing / thought - provoking. With NewZoid Daniel Young intended to produce a therapeutic reaction to the information - overload of our time.

NewZoid embellishes its generative literary art under use of 4 major approaches:

----- interactivity / allowing visitors to write headlines and submit them to NewZoid's transmogrification process

----- electoral democracy / allowing visitors to vote on favorite headlines

----- paradoxical mockery / poking fun at art - science - academia - and itself

Since its onlining in April 2001 Daniel Young's project has attracted major attention in the new media world. NewZoid has been invited to exhibit on such art platforms as the transmediale.02 - Berlin / 4th International Conference on Generative Art - Milan / rhizome.org - New York / Whitney Artport - New York.

y.o.p. 2001
text by the artist

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