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'wolf' by Jessica Loseby
about the artist

Jessica Loseby's 'Flash installation' piece came together very quickly on new years day 2002. The artist often uses photomontage / collaging together text / found images from magazines / the internet / with ‘domestic’ items / photographs.

While working Jessica Loseby was listening to the news report of the year, which was particularly focused on the events and aftermath of September 11th. Jessica Loseby started collaging a photograph of her young son onto an image of wolves - momentarily she felt terrified by the implications - almost like an automatic reaction to the fears she was experiencing on entering this new year with its potential instability and prospects of war / betrayal and suspicion.

In a moment of doubt Jessica Loseby was unsure whom she was positioning as the she - wolf in the picture - the nameless ‘other’ or herself. The text I fear the new year loops / becomes a mantra - as if in its very repetition it can mask the image the artist created. For Jessica, even the eyes of her son's eyes seem to have taken on a blank compliance in the photograph - to the position she placed him in.

'I don’t know what scares me more, the work or my own reaction to it.'

y.o.p. 2002
original text by the artist

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