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amorphoscapes by stanza
about the artist

amorphoscapes is a site dedicated to digital interactive paintings stanza has been working on since 1999. The audio / visual experiments of amorphoscapes have been attracting international attention since their onlining / with their continuous transformations.

all of stanza's experiments are rich and multi - layered. Within <<< new media line >>> special emphasis is given to 2 of the amorphoscapes projects - soundscraper and webscapes.

soundscraper is a series of 6 multi - sound environments, enriched with a multiplicity of built - in sounds and layers. A major feature of stanza's approch is the extensive mouse control allowing and enhancing the user to manipulate a given basis of audio / visual material / to play around with it intuitively / to follow one's individual impulses / to create a personal image and enjoy the results of the subjective approach taken.

As the user moves the light and the image change. Cellular forms replicate / intricate webs evolve / moods & colours change and fuse / sounds & rhythms pulse and change. Soundscraper allow the user to experience each artwork differently - depending on personal navigation.

soundscraper can be experienced by clicking through areas but there is also the additional option to drag with the mouse down to move through 3D spaces.

stanza's pieces are always an audio / visual synthesis. They are not about sound at the expense of the visual element but about the marriage & synthesis of the audio & the visual potential exploring the internet as a medium in its own right.

y.o.p. 1999 - 2002
text by ar / by the artist

technical requirements:
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- IE 5.0 + or - NN 6.0 +
- Shockwave Player 8.5.1

instructional note:
- you must have downloaded and installed
the shockwave plug-in available
from the macromedia website

- allow the piece to load

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