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Melinda Rackham is a net.artist and writer based in Sydney / Australia. Currently Melinda Rackham is completing a Ph.D. in Virtual Media at the College of Fine Arts / University of New South Wales. The artist has been working online since the mid - 90ies in her domain http://www.subtle.net / constructing hypertextual narratives and multi - user 3D immersive environments.

Rackham publishes in arenas like Realtime / Leonardo / Ctheory. Recent conference participations include Contagion - Australia / Invencao - Brazil / Consciousness Reframed - Wales. Her web works have been included in Beyond Interface / Cybercultures / Perspecta99 / Transmediale2000 / Art Entertainment Network / The Montreal Biennale / Hybrid life Forms / European Media Arts Festival.

Melinda Rackham recently received the Faulding Award for Multimedia at the Adelaide Festival / & / the SoundSpace Award for Virtual Worlds at the 2001 Stuttgart Film Winter.

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