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line by Melinda Rackham
about the artist

line is about being online - who we are and how we communicate as our daily working and social lives move from our town or metropolis to the cyberpolis. We are no longer tied to a geographical zone / rather drawn across globalized email time zones / becoming shifting physical / emotional / virtual nodes in the fluid electronic network of the world wide web.

line is an imaginary and textual narrative simultaneously existing in several planes:

----- the internet site tracks an intimate electronic email relationship between two internet users / one an artist who works online and is physically located in a small town in Australia / another a salaryman physically located in Tokyo / J / who uses the net for corporate persuits.

----- the gallery installation consisting of a laser beam intersecting a wall mounted book of intimate interwoven photographic architectural images from urban / industrial / rural landscapes in both countries - symbols for the emotional / physical ties to local geographical community - a real physicality which parallels their etherial online communications.

Authoring & images & text - melinda rackham / photography - melinda rackham & mark rossiter / java + java script - mark rossiter / installation construction / laser & sensor - richard manner / metal podium - karin findeis

y.o.p 1997 - 1998
text by the artist

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