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pecker by computer fine arts
about the artist

Pecker is a net based artwork consisting of collage of 8 quicktime movies / duration 11 to 26 seconds /. The work describes the everlasting preoccupation of human race with nuclear power.

In the year 2002 - after the tragedy of 01 / 09 / 11 / considering ongoing war / tension / aggression / currently being favored so much more than human affairs approaches / peace movements / to an extent that can be called a contemporary attitude already - pecker has gained new impact not only relating to the theme complex of nuclear power but to war itself.

pecker is one of computer fine arts' videonet work compositions / online productions of video work that explores a range of contemporary social and political issues by means of appropriation.

y.o.p. 2001
text by ar / by the artist

technical requirements:
please note:
all download addresses are underlined & linked

-IE 5+ / NN 6
-Quicktime Player

instructional note:
- transfer rate: 20 - 41 kbs each
- size: full screen
- fast lane recommended
- 21" monitor @ 1024X768 recommended
- allow download time of 1 - 2 minutes

- click to stop a movie
- double click to play

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