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  by Michael Mandiberg  

Michael Mandiberg is a conceptual artist who uses the net and performance to explore art / commerce / labor / and identity.

His 2001 yearlong Project Shop Mandiberg / http://www.Mandiberg.com / was a fully functional e - commerce web site that marketed and sold every last one of his personal possessions. The juxtaposition of artistic, skilled labor and pedestrian tasks asks the viewer to think in terms of the complex interrelationship between art / business / and labor.

Mandiberg's work has been written about by media sources such as The New York Times / The Chicago Tribune / The Berliner Zeitung / Wired / Artbyte / AfterImage / and Eyestorm.com / .

His work has been shown at the ZKM / D / Transmediale.02 / D / in Multiple Personalities at The Haines Gallery in San Francisco / US / and in Net.Ephemera / curated by Mark Tribe / at the Moving Image Gallery in New York City / US.


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