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Why did you let them change you ?
about the artist
  by Franklin Joyce & the teens  

The King County Public Art Program / Seattle / WA / in association with the Kent Arts Commission created the New Works Digital Partnership as a one-year pilot project that pairs digital media artists with high school youth to produce public / new media artwork. The program enlisted new media artist Franklin Joyce whose projection designs have been featured at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and Siggraph 2000.

The accumulating material shaped the project's concept and leading question Why did you let people change you ?. The title was a quote and a common sentiment of the youth engaging with the difference in the perspectives between grown - ups and teens.

This engagement took place in a setting where the power of grown - up's was not parental or authoritative. Interviews the youth conducted demonstrated the common feeling that teens and grown - ups could not understand each other. Teens could not appreciate the lives and experiences of grown - ups, and grown - ups are now too distant from the things that are important to teens. Most felt grown - ups have given up on their dreams.

By representing both sides together within this particular framework, the project became a venue for productive dialogue between grown - ups and teens / between Franklin Joyce and Cameron Quinn / Chris Coleman / Josiah Colborn / Lisa Bredesen / Kerry Zhang / Ashley Evans / Bill Ride Brown.

y.o.p. 2001
original text by the artist

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