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Museum of the Mind by Doctor Hugo
about the artist

'The computer is a spiritual machine.' - Umberto Eco's view is one of the starting points of Doctor Hugo for the formulation of a hypothesis called 'tele-synaesthesia'. The term 'synaesthesia' derives from the Greek words 'syn' / 'together' and 'aisthèsis' / 'perception'. Everybody seems to be more or less synaesthetic / means everybody is capable of a synaesthetic and at the same time synoptical perception.

'Tele' means 'far' in the ancient Greek language and stands for occurring at great distance. Doctor Hugo researches in the field of new media development and comes to the assessment that human consciousness / body / and senses will be confronted with new experiences / synaesthetic qualities that are instantaneous and - above all - multi-sensorial as a result of the the proliferation of informatics and knowledge.

The concept of synaesthesia Doctor Hugo connects with the time - honored notion of the 'Gesamtkunstwerk' / the category of the theatrical / the attack on the sensorium commune - the central point of convergence of the nervous system. We know that one stimulation of the senses automatically leads to another by means of association. Therefore, for Doctor Hugo synaesthesia is an important factor in every creative act and each form of interpretation.

For cybermedia synaesthesia means the blurring of boundaries between internal and external spaces. A quintessential point of Doctor Hugo's concise thesis is the postulate that this blurring of boundaries can be considered as a question of subtle synaesthetic graduations and - because of the blurring of differences / between what is here and what is there / the artist sees our senses turning more and more into tele - senses.

In Museums of the Mind the artist extends his pictorial language with personal poetic power and the concept of 'image - space'. The Museum of the Mind includes the series Fuzzy Dreamz / 1998 / which transforms Doctor Hugo's new media experiences into painting and vice versa - thus again experimenting with his thesis of synaesthesia. Doctor Hugo is certainly an artist who has contributed to the renewing of painting in Belgium.

y.o.p. 1995 - 2002
original text by the artist

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