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hollyland by computer fine arts
about the artist

hollyland is a net based composition that uses allegory as appropriation to describe the fragility and the threat in the political situation of the Middle East.

computer fine arts chooses the sensual / direct / documentatory approach of featuring a live concert / vivid music / ethnic power / emotional vibes combined with the abstract approach of relating such sensual experience evoked by musicians of a specific culture / not at all being conditioned by logics and many other common ways of Western thinking / believing / interpreting to probably one of the key questions of the Middle East conflict.

With hollyland computer fine arts created a video piece speaking for tolerance for individualism.

y.o.p. 2001
original text by the artist

technical requirements:
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-IE 5+ / NN 6
-Quicktime Player

instructional note:
- duration: 35 to 1:59:00 seconds
- transfer rate: 22 - 86 kbs
- size: full screen
- fast lane recommended
- 21" monitor @ 1024X768 recommended
- allow download time of 1 - 2 minutes

- click to stop a movie
- double click to play

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