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interactive poem / etkilesimli siir
about the artist
by Genco Gulan  

Genco Gulan's interactive poem / etkilesimli siir is a bi - lingual / Turkish / English non - linear text visualized in Flash. The words coming out of space form a movable axis allowing the viewer to read the text in both directions.

Digital interactive environments add new dimensions to traditional concepts of linearity. While the line - as a virtual / graphic element - pertains itself, the graphic equation that creates the line enables a non - linear reading of linear text.

Genco Gulan is conscious of the fact that a majority of new media users will not necessarily understand the meaning of the words without really being familiar with the Turkish language. The artist uses this fact to make the user perceive the text of etkilesimli siir as a group of visualized letters evoking probably in everybody the same feeling.

The perceptional distance created through not - knowing / no - info / no - literacy applies to logical perception only. Genco Gulan's interactive poem / etkilesimli siir shows that in human beings a state of direct / natural / spontaneous / emotional perception capable of understanding content and the essence of an idea arises automatically when being thrown into the state of the unknown.

Some truths do not need any translation.

y.o.p. 2001
original text by the artist

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- any standard browser
- Quicktime Player 5

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