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Heart Time / Time Heat by Valéry Grancher
about the artist

In Heart Time / Time Heat Valéry Grancher uses the mechanism of a clock and relates it to the rhythm of a beating heart.

Heart Time / Time Heat intends to function as a mirror relating to the so - called new times we live in. The artist asks for the actual meaning of 'universal time' being commonly used as a modern phrase within the framework of globalization. The artist compares the time codex regulated by GMT with the time codices being effective on a journey from Earth to Mars or from one universe to another galaxy.

With Heart Time / Time Heat Valéry Grancher visualizes a conclusion - the proof of a specific dynamic time scale existing for each human being / each individual. Heart Time / Time Heat visualizes the idea of skipping the perceptional relationship between time and physical space. Instead, Valéry Grancher prefers to connect the idea of time to human cycles and thus to the idea of personal feelings and individual perception forming a profound and legitimate basis for individual life. Valéry Grancher talks about Heart Time.

y.o.p 2001
original text by the artist

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