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Spawn_Kill by Fakeshop/(jeff gompertz)
about the artists

http://www.fakeshop.com is a net.art piece itself - a project changing continuously in a fluid rhythm. Juxtaposing elements out of a variety of online & offline installations together form a permanently muting broadcast of audio / video / visual moments. Each individual installation is built around contemporary themes and the research of the net / its options / its interactivity.

Spawn_Kill is based on an audio installation performing in front of a strongly linear background. With its fastly changing effects of trembling buttons / moving code imagery / chasing sounds Spawn_Kill presents itself as a highly interactive composition of contemporary net elements without forgetting to transmit a clear message / question - what is the sense of speed in a huzzling & buzzling world like ours - is it to spawn & kill ?

The Capsule Hotel is another long - term project Fakeshop is hosting on its site under uncompromising use of the contrast between Spawn_Kill as a linear / web technology - oriented project and The Capsule Hotel online installation currently showing psychological / time - and society - relating video clips. At first sight the portraits look colourful / sympathetic / vivid. Only on longer viewing these close - ups / faces appear as faces of 'normal' people / of people / of guests / of the guests of a virtual Capsule Hotel present themselves as a narrow world without vision / as a contemporary cage of normalness with all its aspects of boredom / isolation / loneliness.

The popup Broadcast is one of the recent Fakeshop pieces. It shows a live quicktime stream being generated from gompertz's desktop - TV news shots relating to current and ongoing political situations provoke the user by interrupting the live stream of 'normal' / 'every - day' situations / moments developing spontanously in the Fakeshop production team.

All Fakeshop projects are characterized by a critical cynicism analyzing as much as visualizing contemporary developments / global changes as much as consumer - integrated characteristics of our so - called normal life.

y.o.p. 1999 - 2002
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