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'code scares me' by Jessica Loseby
about the artist

As an artist who is fascinated by words, the prospect of a language that is both hidden and alien to me haunts my work on the net. Like most prejudices, it is born out of fear. I am afraid what lies buried within the under texts - I imagine it unlocking itself in my absence / to the initiated visitor who understands it’s depths / and betraying my secrets. To the poetic mind, even the vocabulary associated with code disturbs. Search engines ‘crawl’ through it. Code ‘tags’, ‘scripts’ and ‘values’ suggesting the possibility of imprisonment, categorisation and invalidity.

This piece is based around an introduction to Flash action scripting. I realised during an online tutorial that code could be domesticated. In net.art, the use of Flash is often accused of aligning art with the corporate machine.

Conversely, its very usability subverts the network hierarchy, allowing the uninitiated access to the vocabulary of the web. In this work, the using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons, the wall of code can be increased or decreased until the text beneath can be seen, and read.

Through interactivity with the code itself, the ‘real’ dialogue can begin and the darkness loses its potency. I long to communicate on the net but still - code scares me.

y.o.p. 2001
text by the artist'

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