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The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project by Brad Brace

For Brad Brace the physicality of some of his art is a gratifying counterpoint to his media - oriented and technological projects. The critical / avant - garde dialogue that informed his early creative work has become fractured and depreciated. Such dethronement of learning Brad Brace understands as the most exciting intellectual frontier we are now crossing - a frontier having direct impact on the self - understanding and role of the artist who needs to be a multi - dimensional / intradisciplinary generalist / with an expansive set of skills.

Since 1972 Brad Brace has participated in numerous solo / group exhibitions / with a variety of photographic / publishing projects / primarily in artist - run and public galleries / non-traditional spaces and networker - culture.


Selection of Projects:

1981 / 1989 / 1999 / 2002 >

The Millennium Project - illustrations for an essay / refracted Crystal Palace / collapsed / hollowed - out / redrawn cartoon imagery consisting of several hundred / various red - inks / drawings / collages / repeatedly overprinted with 83 small photo - linocuts

1980 - 2002 >

The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project - a sequence of imagery of which one is automatically posted / emailed every 12 hours

The ISBN-Books - full-page bleed photos published by the artist as weboffset on newsprint


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