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Berlin by Gudrun Kemsa
about the artist

Photos taken in Berlin - atmospheres of buildings and spaces - abstract and thoroughly real at the same time. Photos of the Reichstag Berlin / of Potsdamer Platz - visualizing subtly a modern architecture of places full of tragic history. Such photos gain special connotation without needing to explain themselves.

In all her work Gudrun Kemsa approaches the relation between forms / content of architecture and a world of perception not depending on a particular period of time and character of culture, respectively.

For the artist photography and video are media of seeing. More important than the documentation of what has been Kemsa finds the visualization of space and the subjective perception of time. She transforms common parameters of recognition by creating extreme perspectives / blurs / transitions of colour. Facts of empiric reality are reduced to a recognizable rest - space / s thus gaining relevance.

Gudrun Kemsa's pieces integrate the viewer as a receptive subject - evoking in the viewer an active form of reception. Such photography does not intend to document what is visible but aims at making visible what cannot be seen. An energetic strength of light is fully experienced in Gudrun Kemsa's photographies. Intense light - stronger than reality - turns into the main theme itself.

y.o.p. 2001
original text by the artist

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