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meditation no. 24
deodato m. pairez  

deodato m. pairez on meditation no. 24:

the work is an exploration of using webcam video for documenting the realtime body performance that suggests direct rantings of everyday life and struggles amidst the violence of a war cultured society.

by using such medium in expressing my thought, this also serves as my meditative release of my angst, despair, anxiety of my 24 years of existence in this violent world we had.

meditation no. 24 is one of my first attempts of creating video in seconds or a video haiku as what i call it.

text by the artist


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biographical notes:

NAME : Deodato M. Pairez
TEL. NO. : ---
EMAIL: ---

I'm 24 years old and a third year student of U.P. Diliman, College of Fine Arts taking up major in Painting. As a student of Art who is busy complying the requirements given by the academe, I still manage myself doing stuffs outside the four corners of the school, I am currently organizing networks of local independent media center patterned from an activist media collective in Seattle- the Global IMC. As an autonomous activist, I am also pre-occupied with collecting articles and writing articles for my zine that tackles anything from personal, cultural, political and arts- Solublefish Zine. My plan in the coming future is to create more video haikus and hopefully launch our own Independent Media Center website.

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