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america the super power vs. iraq the land of the great ancient civilization
michael angelo g. lampayan  

michael angelo g. lampayan on
america the superpower vs. iraq the land of the great ancient civilization:

why is there a need to have a war between america and iraq? maybe they both want to be the supreme ruler on the surface of the earth. the whole world was watching this war, and there are different opinions and thoughts about this war. but: war for power and oil! that's why people wanted to stop the war and have peace by means of peaceful talks between the two nations. because this war affected not only economy and politics, it also affected any kind of togetherness and a variety of humanitarian laws. even though both nations have a great power they should not initiate war because people suffer. many nations will fall because of this stupid chaos.

i wanted to show the effects of this war on the children of iraq, who suffered more than anyone else. some of them died from sickness, and many other cruelties were caused by the two nations. the image shall represent the children of iraq and a soldier from america, and it is a protest against war, a voice promoting peace.

peace for the children of iraq and other nations.

text by the artist, edited by ar


mixed media

biographical notes:

NAME : Michael Angelo G. Lampayan
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3rd Year Fine Arts / Major in Painting
University of the Philippines

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