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dylan jon m. ferrer

dylan jon m. ferrer on follow:

the major material used in the work was rust. rust is a product of time. metals as time passes by produces rust and lose its use. our nationalism can be compared to rust. as time goes on, our love for the country fades and we crave for foreign ones in terms of product and as well as culture. this can be a benevolent assimilation that is happening to us. we are desiring to be in other countries shoes and with this we are pulling ties to cope with the trends today and not knowing that we don't know ourselves anymore.

the red paint with paper mache represents our deteriorating culture. little by little, we are moving away from our traditions and it kills our sense of nationalism. the nails with white paint on top shows the hope left in us. if we just follow this path, we can regain our identity. but we should start within ourselves primarily. thus, we can meet our goals and rebirth of our mind and nation. as long as we don't make a step towards change we are stuck in this terrible nightmare and might not wake up anymore. at present, i believe that this is the major problem that our nation is facing. i believe that rust is a very efficient symbolism to convey junk. this is how i see our national and cultural identity today.

text by the artist

mixed media

biographical notes:

NAME : Dylan Jon M. Ferrer
BIRTHDAY : February 6, 1982
TEL. NO. : ---

Dylan is 19 years old.
He studied in Lourdes School
Quezon City which is a Catholic
Institution, since childhood.
Now, Dylan is currently studying
in the University of the Philippines,
Diliman, College of Fine Arts,
major in Painting. He is presently
in third year and graduating
for certificate this semester.
Aside from drawing and painting,
he also likes to play sports
like tennis, bowling and badminton
in his spare time. After graduating
in Fine Arts, he is planning to take up Architecture for his second degree
in the same university.

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