artworks against mediated and commodified violence
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footprints on the sand
niko loren c. dela cruz  

niko loren c. dela cruz on footprints on the sand:

the work Footprints on the Sand are photographs taken from an actual sand area i created. i walked several times over the sand to create footprints. afterwards i left drips and traces of blood on the sand. thus, the work is achieved not from a conventional painting but through the use of photography.

the work assimilates a piece of land where war had taken place. the work tries to reveal the situation of a specific event in time and in a specific space. the images are used to construct representations that affirm exploitation, violence, and suffering. the play of images draws attention to social problems and issues.

the work becomes not only a means of communication but also an expression of our time from or marked by great physical force or roughness. in this case, war that brings so much violence affecting all forms of life.

the works exhibits violence using footprints together with the drips and traces of blood, to show an implicit sudden forcible action, exhibiting intense emotional or mental excitement by passionate: impetuous: fierce moves, by an intensity of extreme measures. violence is marked by unjust exercise of force harsh and severe outcome. in a violent nature, the law of physical force is unlawfully exercised. this act is used to intimidate or awe by causing apprehension of bodily injury. the perversion or distortion of a meaning of a text and unjustified alteration of wording is used as psychological torture. resulting from external and internal force of injury, not in the ordinary course of nature but also a violent death.
the work could actually signify an endless collage of meanings. base from our distinct culture we arrive with different meanings for the work. the work's visual images welcome arbitrary meanings. the footprints as a sign of escape, hiding, running away from an undesirable situation or chaos, these are few of the possible significance of the image. the viewer may see other forms and create other images in the work; they may associate an experience to the hues in the work that would signify new and other meanings.
although there are different paths that are taken, all will lead to a single destination. it is directed to the protest against violence, the images integrated for an explicitly political forum.


text by the artist


mixed media

biographical notes:

NAME : Niko Loren C. dela Cruz
TEL. NO. : 63-2-6465034

My name is
Niko Loren C. dela Cruz,
a regular third year student
in the University of the Philippines.
I am majoring in Studio Arts
in the College of Fine Arts, Diliman.

I love details and am very much
enthusiastic in my work.
I am always curious and spontaneous.
I usually volunteer for jobs
and think of new, creative activities.
I also enjoy helping and inspiring others
to join in activities and in their work.
People describe me as supportive,
optimistic, expressive,
and sincere at heart.

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