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the paparazzi
edrick daniel  

edrick daniel on the paparazzi:

the work dwells upon the concept perversion that exists the world over. i used symbolism and texts that pertain to different call names of female genitalia.

the collage consists of visual correlates pertaining to the theme of course and then painted over with acrylic. i aim to show another side of this very obvious issue about gender and sexual hierarchy. with the technology of the internet, this kind of immorality is easily accessible not only by legal adults but also by curious minors corrupting their young and fragile minds.

with these concepts in mind i would like the viewers to stop and think. i intended not to show this work in a very formal flavor as to avoid having a formalist effect on natural and very informal issues such as these. some might give a stupid excuse to it as art but it is clearly a kind of perversion. all these notes are merely opinions of the artist.


text by the artist, edited by ar

mixed media

biographical notes:

NAME : Edrick Daniel
TEL. NO. : ---
EMAIL: ---

Edrick Daniel is currently
a student of the University of
the Philippines College of Fine Arts.
He was born in Antipolo City
which is also the place
where he grew up.
He is 19 years of age
at the moment.

Growing up in an artist village
the artist was strongly influenced
by his peers. The work presented here
however was an attempt
to break his current traditional roots
and step into a new window of
post modern flavor.

Furthermore, he is active in art events
and competitions. He had a couple of
group shows with his classmates
Gerard Baja, Jong Pairez and Anna Cabardo.

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