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autumn caravan
john paul verdera antido

john paul verdera on autumn caravan:

my work focuses on everyday life and the role of globalization, and how the typical juan de la cruz responds to these events and issues. people try to find ways on how to make their living as easy as possible. from life's complexity and difficulty they have created an ideology that good life can be found in the domain of a globalized society. from their ethnicity they move to the urban cities leaving their national heritage and cultural identities within the limits of their homeland.

the existence of my work and the choice and the representation of subject matter was not meant to challenge social and cultural traditions thus to make the people see how they try to ride along with the mainstream of life.

i used traditional materials such as oil paints suspended on the surface of the canvas cloth primed with latex, on a 27" x 35" wooden stretcher and framed. this does not reflect anything new to the art scene because it's traditional.

the work has been seen in various ways, some say that it is quite striking, maybe because of the red hues. some say it suggest only a little movement, maybe because of its linear forms and static figures. my painting is figurative so that people can easily relate the theme that I am trying to point out.

text by the artist

27" x 35"
oil on canvas

biographical notes:

NAME : John Paul Verdera Antido
BIRTHDAY : February 6, 1982
TEL. NO. : 697-2022
EMAIL: ---

University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City,
College of Fine Arts (Painting)
Sumulong Memorial High School
Antipolo City;
Juan Sumulong Elementary School
Antipolo Rizal

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